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Das eine Fleckchen, welches so wie es ist perfekt für mich ist


Ich bin . . .

. . . Shanlynne, mother of two crazy boys ( 3 including our bird Mochi) and wife to a phenomenal man . I’m an interior design enthusiast ( hoping to finish my degree in interior design )

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Mein Lebensort ist . . .

. . . in the United States of America currently living in Tennessee outside the Nashville area . But would love to move some where that has more of a deep culture one day ! 


Ich wohne genau hier weil . . .

. . . right now we are really young and we currently trying to decide what is our next move . But with not having so much of experience at being adults it gets hard ! One day I hope to buy land and design my own modern home and live off of urban farming .


Interieur ist für mich . . .

. . . it means my whole life to me even though I haven’t finished my schooling , to me it is a passion and lifestyle . Imagine going into an empty room and thinking what colors and furniture should be in place .. that is how I feel in my mind .. that the empty room is a blank canvas with so many possibilities.


Diese Gestaltungselemente sind unverzichtbar . . .

. . . color. I think is the most important element . It goes right on top of the list right before furniture design and architecture. I love using mellow / pastel colors with sometimes a pop of contrast colors.


Mein liebster Blick ist dieser hier weil . . .

I believe Adonay and Adonis’s room has to be my favorite . It is not finished yet but I believe it is important to keep childhood alive because it also helps you to be more creative . I get a lot of inspiration from my kids.


Mein Vorbild in Sachen Wohnen ist ______, weil . . .

My model of living is minimal lifestyle because to me it is so important that we minimize! A home of clutter is never a happy home . 

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Ein paar Worte zu dir, deinen Leidenschaften und Inspirationen?

Being free of the attachment of objects is important for mental health . For almost 4 years my husband and I had to sacrifice living in small spaces . Which was hard trying to raise our kids in one bedroom apartments , which was so life changing.


*Liebe Shanlynne vielen Dank für deine Zeilen und deine schönen Bilder.

Viele weitere Bilder von Shanlynne und ihrer Familie findet ihr auf ihrem Account playfulmodernkids


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